Advice For Remortgaging Your Home

There are several reasons why you may consider remortgaging your home, for example, to get a better deal or release capital for other projects. Our guides are designed to address some of the issues and outline requirements for getting the best deal.

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Remortgaging Essentials

What is a Remortgage

The main reason to remortgage your home is to save money on your monthly payments.  There are a few instances when you should not remortgage.  If you would have to pay a penalty or early repayment charge for leaving your current lender or if interest rates have gone up.

Remortgage Deals

We would encourage our clients to consider looking into a remortgage deal three months before the current deal ends so that you have your new deal in place in good time. To help you we would need to know your mortgage balance, remaining term, along with the monthly payment and interest rate.

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How much will it cost to remortgage? Lenders often charge an arrangement fee when you select a particular product. The cost of these can be a fixed amount or sometimes a percentage of the loan...
Should I remortgage my home? The main reason to remortgage your home is to save money on your monthly payments. There are a few instances when you should not remortgage. If you would have to pay a...

Surveys, Conveyancing and Insurance

Different types of surveys

As a purchaser, it’s essential to understand the different types of survey. There are 3 main types, basic valuation, Homebuyer Report and Building Survey. Read on for a further explanation.

How long is the mortgage process?

In general, you can expect the application process to take between 18-40 days, depending on the complexity of the mortgage. Having all your paperwork in order prior to the application can speed the process.


Building and contents insurance policies provide cover for your home and possessions and are essential to protect against any damage or loss to your property. Life insurance is also a key consideration for many mortgage holders.

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If you require a mortgage to purchase a new home, your lender will require a valuation of the property to ensure they are comfortable to lend against it. You may decide to have a more in-depth...
The length of time it will take for you to secure a mortgage depends on numerous factors:
In this guide, we aim to guide you through the types of insurance needed to provide adequate cover for your home, possessions and family. The information included is a general overview of the types...

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